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Financial Status

The expenditure on all Head of Account including the expenditure on inputs like raw milk, SMP, Butter, etc. and capital items is made from Consolidated Fund of India through Annual Budget allocation of Ministry of Agriculture, Department of Animal Husbandry, Dairying and Fisheries. Sales proceed of milk and milk products are credited to the revenue account of the Government. Budget of Rs.210 cores have been provided for the Financial Year 2005-06.

DMS has been incurring losses since inception basically because it had been operating as a development agency & not a commercial outfit and have accumulated losses of about Rs. 653.19 crores upto 31.3.2005. Loss/profit of DMS for the last 5 years is as under:-

       Year                  LOSS(-)/PROFIT(+) (Figs. In Rupee/Lakh)

       2004-05                       (-) 1777.66
       2005-06                       (-) 1222.17
       2006-07                       (-) 2828.47
       2007-08                       (-) 2548.98
       2008-09                       (-) 2501.89

However, now Govt. has given direction that the organization should be run on commercial principles and should stand on its own financially.